June 27: How Breaking the Silence I was Paid to Keep by WellCare Health Plans Changed My Life and Career Forever

WellCare Health Plans, a Fortune 500 company paid for my silence. I broke my silence because silence allows workplace discrimination, harassment and abuse to continue. So, I’m rebranding. One of my rebrand goals is to demonstrate we don’t have to change who we are for what we do. I’m doing this by merging my public affairs career and life as a fusion belly dancer. To read my story use search to find my article titled,  ‘Wellcare  Health Plans Paid For My Silence – Legal Doc Included’ or go to the O.W.B Public Affairs Online Magazine


June 25 : Is Your Ex-Boss Badmouthing You? Preventing you From Getting Jobs? Here’s What to Do.

Economic mobility is important to me. Specifically because I’m a whistleblower. That is, I broke the silence I was paid to keep by a Fortune 500 company. The company paid for my silence after violating employment laws. To add insult to injury, the agency blacklisted me. But, I found out about it. And, what the employer did was illegal. My Story is published on O.W.B Public Affairs Blog and on LinkedIn. What does ‘blacklisted’ mean and why are people “Blacklisted”? Read This Article 

Note: It’s not all bad. if it weren’t for The worst event of my life (being paid for my silence), I WOULDN’T be where I am today.  

June 21: Tribal Massive Bellydance Academy (2 videos)

  • First video| Tribal Massive Bellydance Academy: Lessons Learned: The Power of Setting Intention  Note: Article coming soon: Check Out the O.W.B Public Affairs Online Magazine/Blog
  • The second| Tribal Massive Performance Video — Video is published on The Tribal Massive YouTube page too. To visit the Tribal Massive YouTube page and watch all of this year’s amazing performances, click here. 

June 21: About Me and O.W.B Public Affairs Rebrand (2 videos) 

A goal of my rebranding efforts is to demonstrate we don’t have to change who we are for what we do. Therefore, a goal of my rebranding efforts is to fuse my public affairs life and my fusion belly dance life.  Also, one of my favorite quotes is, “The present is relevant but only in terms of what preceded it” by  E.H. Carr. Therefore, both videos will help you understand why O.W.B Public Affairs is rebranding (and why I’m rebranding). 


June 18: 4 Things You Must Know About Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology impacts the realities we face every day. Additionally, despite wide-spread political polarization, Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing: Facial Recognition Technology undermines our Constitutional, privacy and civil rights. Read Article[4 Things You Must Know About Facial Recognition Technology]

May 8: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

I had a friend tell me people won’t take my public affairs career seriously if I keep posting about belly dance. To that I say, don’t judge a book by its cover, I write laws too. Photo Credit: Yaniv Halfon


My Story: WellCare Health Plans Paid For My Silence
Resource offered in video: EEOC.gov

May 3: I’m Reclaiming my Time 

Updated June 18|I was paid for my silence by WellCare Health Plans, a Fortune 500 health insurer. I broke my silence: 

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