June 18: 4 Things You Must Know About Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology impacts the realities we face every day. Additionally, despite wide-spread political polarization, Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing: Facial Recognition Technology undermines our Constitutional, privacy and civil rights. Discourse regarding Facial Recognition Tech must be rooted in facts. Therefore, I’ve included fact-based resources in the article.

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May 8: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

I’m a public affairs strategist, writer and fusion belly dancer. My goal is to demonstrate we don’t have to change who we are for what we do. 

Updated June 18|My performance video from The Tribal Massive’s Las Vegas show in March is now available for you to watch online: Watch Olivia P. Walker perform in Las Vegas here!

Video published by: Tribal Massive Bellydance Academy on Youtube 

Photo Credit: Yaniv Halfon

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My Story: WellCare Health Plans Paid For My Silence
Resource offered in video: EEOC.gov

May 3: I’m Reclaiming my Time 

Updated June 18|I was paid for my silence by WellCare Health Plans, a Fortune 500 health insurer. I broke my silence: 

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