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Facebook Hack Resources for O.W.B Public Affairs Digest Readers


  • Use this link to use the USA Today article and find out if your Facebook profile is one of the hacked Facebook profiles.
  • Read the Update on the Facebook Security Issue (Breach). The PDF (below) is an update from Guy Rosen, VP of Product Management at Facebook. I got it from Facebook’s WordPress account and created a PDF for O.W.B Public Affairs Digest readers. Facebook uploaded the document 10 hours ago (according Facebook’s WordPress blog).
    • You may want to double-check via a Google search  (or whatever browser you use) to see if Facebook updated the document after 11:43 (EST).
    • This is a good start. The two documents will help you understand what happened (how accounts were hacked)  and will let you know if you are a victim of the hack.


Facebook Newsroom Update on the Securtiy Isssue



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