Patient-Brokering: Opioid Addicts Are Commodities in High Demand

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Patient-Brokering|Opioid addicts are commodities in high demand. Patient-brokering describes the $1 billion industry that puts a price tag on the lives of people seeking opioid addiction treatment.

What is Patient-Brokering?

Patient-brokering is when drug rehab centers or sober homes pay people and other third-parties (known as patient-brokers) for referring patients to their establishments. In patient-brokering schemes, people with opioid addictions — and their families —  think the establishments are medically proper.  This is not the case.

The substance abuse addiction treatment centers and sober homes that use patient-brokers are solely focused on profiting off insured opioid addicts. And the patient-brokers who recruit opioid addicts for the treatment facilities are solely focused on profiting from insured opioid addicts.

Patient-Brokering Facts

  1. Patient-brokering is a booming $1 billion industry.
  2. People with opioid addictions get bought and sold online and in person.
  3. Patient-brokering stems from the opioid epidemic.
  4. The actions of federal and state government officials have and continue to fuel the patient-brokering phenomenon.
  5. Patient-brokering is an unintended consequence of capitalism.

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