O.W.B Public Affairs Digest: Change is Coming

[Videos resume 2.28.2019]

O.W.B Public Affairs Digest is rebranding, please note the following:

  • New O.W.B Public Affairs Digest Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages coming in 2019;
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page coming in 2019;
  • O.W.B Public Affairs Digest video upgrades in progress;
  • O.W.B Public Affairs Digest is expanding content topics in 2019;
  • Changes to improve user experience in progress — (TBD); and
  • Revisions and updates to published articles in progress — as needed.

O.W.B Public Affairs Digest is Rebranding

Thank you for your patience #rebrand.



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Olivia P. Walker

I’m an award winning public affairs and digital communications strategist. I am also a fusion bellydancer. Finally, I launched Public Affairs Digest, a current affairs magazine, public affairs blog and edutainment media website.