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Recognized as a credible authority on government and public policy making, O.W.B Public Affairs is an emerging leader in digital publishing. O.W.B covers:

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Who Reads O.W.B Public Affairs

O.W.B Public Affairs readership includes journalists, academics, advocates and activists, students, elected officials, appointed  officials, representatives of companies that do business with  government officials, nonprofits and politically engaged citizens.

About Olivia P. Walker

Olivia P. Walker is a public affairs strategist and writer. She launched, designs and creates all O.W.B Public Affairs content. Prior to these roles, Olivia served as governance consultant for the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). Before that, she worked as government affairs and public policy analyst for WellCare Health Plans, a Fortune 500 health insurer. Olivia holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of South Florida School of Public Affairs. In 2016, Olivia was duly initiated into Pi Alpha Alpha, the Global Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration.  Olivia is a member of the American Society for Public Administration and a member of the ASPA Section on Public Law and Administration.

Message from Olivia P. Walker

Thank you for visiting O.W.B Public Affairs. I launched O.W.B Public Affairs for a few reasons:

  • Mainstream media reports about government and public policy making lack context and nuance (and because what government officials decide to do or not to do impacts the realities people face every day); and
  • It is time to shake thing up. The first ‘Fusion Belly Dance Affairs’ article is scheduled for June 21.

Learn more about the #Rebrand and watch me perform Fusion belly dance  at the Tribal Massive Bellydance Academy’s Fission Showcase in Las Vegas below.