Government Shutdown: Trump Didn’t Get $5 billion For Mexico Border Wall, Veterans, Women and Working Class Suffer

Trump refuses to sign legislation unless the bill includes $5billion for border wall.

A partial government shutdown began on December 22 because President Donald Trump didn’t get $5 billion for the Mexico border wall (from Congress). Meanwhile, millions of Americans suffer. Veterans, women and the working class are hurt most by Trump’s recent actions.

Government Shutdown Updates

A government shutdown occurs when an appropriations bill fails to become law. Appropriations fund the federal government’s operations and services.

Veterans, Women, and Working Class Suffer

Veterans, women and the working class suffer most from the government shutdown. See for yourself…

Resources is a fact-based news source for people who want up-to-date information about the federal government shutdown (and the actions taken by government in general).

Senate Session

The U.S. Senate met for session on the sixth day of the December 2018 government shutdown. Telephone lines were open for viewer calls at 3:30pm ET, and the Senate convened at 4:00pm ET.

[ Watch US Senate Session on C-SPAN]

House Session

The U.S. House of Representatives met for session on day six of the December 2018 government shutdown. The House convened at 4:00pm ET.

[Watch US House Session on C-SPAN]

Needless to say, this is an odd way to “Make America Great Again”.

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