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Commentary: Midterm Elections 2018, Treason or Hypocrisy? Pick Your Poison

Midterm Elections 2018: Treason or Hypocrisy?

Do you prefer treason or hypocrisy? This is a question many Americans will answer when voting in the 2018 midterm elections. Personally, I’m struggling; I’m keenly aware of what’s at stake here. I voted. But here’s the deal, I don’t give away votes.

The Democratic Party

There are serious problems in the Democratic party, the party:

  • Fails — abysmally — to meaningfully act on behalf of the poor and people of color.
    • As a bi-racial millennial woman, I need to remind the Democratic Party: We are NOT your pawns.
  • Needs to grow some balls — the holier than thou approach is ineffective and condescending.
  • Fails to acknowledge the hypocrisy permeating the Party.
  • Must stop suggesting ‘racism’ is unique to republicans.
    • While some republicans are racists, so too are some democrats.
    • Racism is alive and well in both Parties.

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Trump’s Republican Party

There are profoundly disturbing facts about Trump’s Republican party, the party:

  • Consistently violates laws and administrative codes of ethics.
  • Engages is blatant racist, bigoted and divisive rhetoric (among other things).
  • Lies, cheats and uses deceptive practices.
    • To be clear, the lies and deceptive practices will — irreparably — harm many republicans (and people in general). It will however, take time to realize their detrimental impact.
  • Russia…Enough said.
  • Has taken — quantifiable —action to prevent Native Americans, poor people, African-Americans, and other social groups from voting (which is a right of American citizenship, with some exceptions).

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Key Takeaway

With regard to America’s electoral system and democratic processes, They are not sustainable and certainly not ideal. Elections and government actions have consequences. Americans deserve better because the decisions made by government officials impact the realities we face everyday.

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Olivia P. Walker is a public affairs strategist, campaign consultant, and writer. She launched O.W.B Public Affairs Digest in 2017.  Most recently, Olivia served as governance consultant for the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.  Prior to these roles, Olivia worked as government affairs and public policy analyst for WellCare Health Plans, a Fortune 500 health insurer.

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Olivia holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of South Florida School of Public Affairs. In 2016, Olivia was duly initiated into Pi Alpha Alpha, the Global Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration. She is a member of the American Society for Public Administration and a member of the ASPA Section on Public Law and Administration. Olivia also holds a Graduate Certificate in Globalization Studies. The certificate is a specialized graduate-level credential reflecting knowledge of the most up-to-date research on globalization.

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2 thoughts on “Commentary: Midterm Elections 2018, Treason or Hypocrisy? Pick Your Poison

  1. 1. To the last point you make: Yes, the Southern Strategy is a useful tool for harnessing the political power of bigotry.

    2. Yes, the Dems must do more than simply pay lip service to people of color (who are predicted to be the Nation’s majority in years to come).

    3. Dems also have to do better with the “poor”. Sure, bigotry played a role in Trump’s victory but so did the Dems complete disregard for a majority of poor and/or people — Of ALL races
    — without a college degree.

    Thank you for weighing in. You make great points.

  2. It’s really dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t with either party. If the Democrats want to win elections they must engage, actually engage, with minority voters and address voter suppression. Republicans would be best to address the rampant bigotry in the party…but I fear they realize the power in bigotry and racism and are using it to win elections.

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