YouTube is Fixed|Key Takeaways

YouTube’s  global outage and access issues are fixed. Further, O.W.B Public Affairs Digest videos are now accessible. But, YouTube’s global access issues call for a discussion about risk management and cyber security.

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Key Takeaways

As the website administrator and author of all content published on O.W.B Public Affairs Digest, YouTube’s global access issues prompt me to offer key takeaways.  I recommend the following for online business owners, website administrators and bloggers:

  • Consider offering services and content off-line (if you don’t already).
    • Anyone who makes all of their income online or exclusively offers online services, products and content must seriously consider the risks.
  •  Consider using a second video streaming service, as a Plan B.
    • Time is money. Outages such as the recent YouTube outage cost you money and can damage your reputation.
    • Additionally, we cannot assume the YouTube outage was not the result of a cyber attack.
  • Educate yourself on best practices. Specifically,
    • Research best practices for (a) mitigating cyber-risks (b) implementing contingency plans and (c) implementing effective risk-management strategies.

Fortunately, everything worked out, this time…

Breaking| YouTube is down around the world

Breaking|YouTube Is Down For Users Around The World

YouTube, the video streaming website, is down for YouTube users around the world. There are YouTube Videos embedded throughout O.W.B Public Affairs Digest. Therefore, O.W.B Publish Affairs digest will publish updates as they come in from YouTube. In the meantime:

  • We must acknowledge this outage is a problem — millions of people use YouTube videos on their website(s). Additionally, many people rely on YouTube for income.
  • We need to ask ourselves if this outage is a cyber-security issue or a quick-fix system flaw?
  •  We must consider that at any moment, a cyber disaster or a large-scale system failure might occur which, could profoundly impact businesses and the global economy.

Stay Tuned.