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Knowledge is Power. Ignorance Kills. 

O.W.B Public Affairs Digest is an online magazine and digital media platform. O.W.B delivers relevant, nuanced and innovative public affairs resources — and fresh perspectives —  through social media engagement.

Why Read O.W.B

Government and government policy impact the realities people face everyday.  Members of Congress, the Trump administration, and  officials throughout state and local governments make decisions on behalf  of the public.

  • In many cases, the public is unaware of the actions taken by government.
  • This is a problem. A problem O.W.B Public Affairs Digest solves by providing free access — and publicly available —  research, insights and analyses.

Key Issue Areas

  • Labor and Economy
  • Immigration
  • Health Care
  • Technology
  • Civil Rights
  • Various Provisions of the Constitution
  • Tax Law and Policy
  • Trump Administration
  • Congress
  • And more!

Publications will continue during the website’s development. Take a look around, to find out how you can benefit from reading O.W.B:

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