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Welcome to publicaffairsdigest.com, a place for people who value their careers, creative expression and informed decision making. Public Affairs Digest is a current affairs magazine, public affairs blog and edutainment media website launched by Olivia P. Walker. 

Message from Olivia P. Walker 


Public Affairs Digest is Rebranding

Public Affairs Digest is rebranding to deliver its creative, curious and intellectual audiences useful information, resources, insights, advice, entertainment, and inspiration.   



what is EDUTAINMENT Media?


Public Affairs Blog

Blog Series – Coming May 2020

Series 1 – Regulating beauty 
Original Blog Post Series Regulating Beauty by Olivia P Walker on Public Affairs Digest
Series descriptions coming soon.
Series 2 – what’s in a name: College athletes fight to profit from their name, image and LIKENESS (NIL)
Watch NCAA President and former student athletes testify at a Senate hearing about paying college athletes. 



current affairs Magazine

image text reads, Current affairs refers to a genre of journalism where the emphasis is on detailed research, analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently occurred or are ongoing.'


The Public Affairs Digest Current Affairs Magazine covers:

performing arts and entertainment; business and careers; society, politics and government; current events; personal branding and social media marketing; health and beauty; technology; coronavirus coverage; sports; and public affairs.       


Coronavirus resources & Updates

Coronavirus update
April 29, 2020 on C-SPAN

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the results of a clinical drug trial that tested remdesivir, an antiviral drug developed to treat coronavirus, showed the drug, “Has a clear cut significant positive affect in diminishing the time to recovery.” 

Coronavirus news
 May 10, 2020 on C-Span

Black Americans have experienced a vastly disproportionate death rate during the coronavirus  pandemic. Listen to Medical Association President Dr. Oliver Brooks discuss racial and health disparities in the COVID-19 pandemic on C-Span.


Careers, Personal Branding & Social Media Marketing

Tips and Resources 
Personal branding is essential for starting over, for your career success and for your financial stability. Photo credit: Olivia P. Walker
Personal branding is essential for starting over, for your career success and for your financial stability. Photo credit: Olivia P. Walker



Performing arts and Entertainment

 Video: The Tribal Massive                                                  SonG: Run Run Run by Fjora
Indie Artist Spotlights
Event information
Funding resources for Artists 



Public affairs 

Image of Tampa Florida-Government officials make decisions that impact the realities people face every day public affairs
Public Affairs Digest operates out of Tampa, Florida


Public Affairs Digest 



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“Top-notch Public Affairs Strategist and branding expert, Olivia is as fearless and outspoken as they come.”


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“Olivia is full of infinite wisdom, boldness I admire!”